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Decision for commend 2016 outstanding staff and annual pacesetter

January 20, 2017

Decision for commend 2016 outstanding staff and annual pacesetter


Each department of company:


To commend advanced,set up a typical example ,give full play to good example’s demonstration effect ,go a step further to encouragement and inspiration all staffs ‘s creativeness,initiative.Our company decide to public commend for several industrious and hard-working staff as follows:


Outstanding staff:Chen qiang, Xu shengbiao

Annual pacesetter:Lu jiangming,Guan jianfei,Zhu hongwei


Hope the staff who commended ,continue to carry forward the advantages in future work,working hard ,with firm confidence ,exuberant enthusiasm ,and striving mental status ,active participation to build and develop True Gas enterprise,to improve our company continue,healthy ,fast overstepping development re establishing a new achievement,continue to make new and greater contributions !


We call all staff take the example of the workers who are commended ,have the general interest in mind,cherish posts and devote wholeheartedly to work,charge ahead , selfless dedication,keep up with the times,solid work make arduous efforts for True Gas’s more brilliant tomorrow !



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