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Air conditioning unit is a complete shape of air processing equipment

November 30, 2016

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Depending on the object of air conditioning, can be productive air conditioning and the comfort air conditioning. Productive air conditioning is in order to adapt to the request of the path that we have produced, it is mainly used in the production workshop, as well as direct service for production and scientific research laboratory. The productive air conditioning is widely used in textile, instruments and meters, electronic, mechanical processing, food, medicine, national defense and other industrial sectors. Wide, for example, in the textile, textile materials (cotton, hemp, silk, chemical fiber, etc.) have certain water imbibition, if the air is dry, fiber becomes coarse and crisp, easy to break; Air is humid, fiber adhesive, easily to affect processing. Textile machinery equipment and lighting equipment and workshop send out a lot of heat, can affect the health of workers, through the air conditioning can make the air in the workshop of temperature and humidity to maintain within a certain range. So the air can not only ensure worker health, also can ensure product quality and increase in labor productivity.
Comfort air conditioning is in order to meet the people activity (labor, work and recreational activity), it is mainly used in public buildings, the sport's hall, cinema and living room, etc., can also be used for all kinds of transportation. Its main purpose is to create suitable conditions of labor, work, study, rest, in order to improve labor productivity and work efficiency, and improve their physical and mental health.
Instructions by above knowable, air conditioning is not only has the significance of environmental protection, and is of great significance of the national economy. Air conditioning now is for the national economy and an important aspect of the daily lives of the people.
For air conditioning, maintain indoor temperature, humidity and health conditions, have to be constantly will enter indoor remaining heat and wet and harmful material to clear out, it will be to enter indoor air by using cooling, heating, humidification, dehumidification, drying, filtration, etc in the proper handling, so that to eliminate the influence of thermal wet. Used to adjust air supply processing equipment in the room called air conditioning equipment. Air conditioning equipment consists of air processing equipment, fan, air supply pipe, air conditioning room at the end of the device (air supply outlet, diffuser, induction unit, etc.), back to the air duct and automatic control equipment, etc. According to the equipment layout, empty adjustment device can be divided into the central air-conditioning and two kinds of decentralized air conditioning. This section only speak designed to adapt to the distributed air conditioning package type air conditioning unit.
Air conditioning unit is a complete shape of air processing equipment. According to the first machinery industry department standard JB 1368-73 "vertical cabinet air conditioning unit types and basic parameters of the provisions of the air conditioning unit is divided into the constant temperature and humidity equipment and cold (hot) the two types of fan. Constant temperature and humidity equipments can be controlled at the same time by adjusting the temperature and humidity of the room, and the cold (hot) fan can be used to adjust the temperature of indoor air, and mainly solve the cool in summer. Air conditioning units according to its work characteristics can be divided into two categories, the heat pump and heat pump.