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Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity

Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity

    • Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity
    • Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity
    • Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity
    • Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity
  • Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: True
    Certification: ISO,CE
    Model Number: TY

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: Negotiation
    Packaging Details: wooden case packing
    Delivery Time: 20 working days
    Supply Ability: 10sets/month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Status:: Oxygen Plant Purity:: 90%
    Capacity:: 3-400Nm3/h Dew Point:: ≤65℃
    Material:: Carbon Steel Color:: As Required
    High Light:

    oxygen psa generator


    industrial oxygen generator

    Strong abliity Air separation Industrial Oxygen Plant PSA Oxygen Gas Generator high purity 90%+/-3



    Working Principle

    After the impurities such as oil, water, dust, etc. are removed from the compressed air through the air purification system, the compressed air goes into the absorption tower which has been installed with zeolite molecular sieve. Nitrogen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, etc. in the air are absorbed largely by the molecular sieve, while the oxygen penetrates the adsorbent due to its large diffusion rate, so as to realize separation of nitrogen and oxygen.
    When the absorption of the impurities such as nitrogen is saturated in the absorption tower, reducing the pressure can make the zeolite molecular sieve release the absorbed impurities and regenerate, so as to realize repeated recycling.



    Technical Indexes

    Oxygen Output: 3~400Nm3/h

    Oxygen Purity: 90%
    Oxygen Pressure: 0.1~0.7MPa(adjustable)
    Oxygen Dew Point: -40℃ or -60℃

    PSA ( Pressure Swing Adsorption)
    Technology a revolution in Non Cryogenic Air Separation and
    Oxygen Generation Technology uses special grade of ZMS ( Zeolite Molecular Sieve).
    The compressed air is passed through a Twin Tower PSA module interconnected with automatic
    changeover valves. After passing through a Refrigerated Dryer air gets dried. Dried compressed air
    will now come in contact with bed of Zeolite molecular sieves (ZMS). Zeolite Molecular Sieves are special
    grade of adsorbent which have the property of preferential adsorption of nitrogen molecules.
    At a time one tower remains under nitrogen production cycle, whereas the other tower undergoes
    which is achieved through depressurization of the tower to atmospheric pressure. The outgoing oxygen
    gas is sent to a surge vessel where the minimum pressure will be maintained with the help of Back
    pressure Regulator
    Technical Specifications:
    Capacity: 3~4000 Nm3/h
    Purity: 90±3%
    Initial Pressure: 0.05~0.4 Mpa
    Dew point: -65℃
    Our company has a number of patented technologies and intellectual property rights. Now we have 8 engineers,60 employees. We insists on using high-quality imported parts, and have established and improved production processes, quality control system, and after-sales service evaluation system, to provide best service to each customer.
    Our businesses cover throughout the country, and we also exported our products to Southeast Asia, Europe ,Mid east and other overseas markets.
    How to select your Oxygen generator?
    for example: TY395-20-O Type.
    ' TY' means Tongyue machine.
    ' 395' means 99.95% purity. '295' means 99.5% purity.
    '-20' means 20Nm3/hour capacity of outlet of oxygen.
    '-O' means oxygen.
    Oxygen Generator Range
    90%-99.9999% purity
    1-2000Nm3/Hour capacity

    The following parameters,drawings and photos are only for your reference.The final accurate product infomation will be supplied with the quotation packages.
    Oxygen purity: 90% - 95%
    End pressure: 150 – 200 barG
    Oxygen dew point: -60°C
    Operating conditions: 5°C - 45°C
    The process of oxygen generation plant
    Oxygen Generator consist of two columns filled with molecular sieve(CarboTech AC Gmbh). Pre-treated compressed air enters the active column and follows up through the CarboTech. Nitrogen and the other gases are being adsorbed while the oxygen passes through. The active column is pressurized. When pressure is released, column becomes inactive and completely regenerate. In order to secure steady flow two columns are used, one is active while the other is inactive. At the end of cycle they switch roles.
    Oxygen from oxygen generator enters oxygen buffer. From there regulated oxygen is fed into the high pressure oxygen compressor where the oxygen is boosted and fed the filling ramp where oxygen cylinders are filled.
    Our comapct plant is built on the skid or frame with one central electric socket enabling quick start up. All components are already connected in the factory, so no extensive installation is required.
    Working Principle
    Atmospheric desorption PSA oxygen generator use the clean compressed air as raw material,zeolite molecular sieve as the adsorbing material ,use the pressure swing adsorption principle to get the oxygen under normal temperature.According to the difference adsorbing capacity of oxygen,nitrogen up the zeolite molecular sieve surface,and the difference diffusion rate of oxygen,nitrogen under ZMS,through Programmable Controller control the sequencing valve open/close,complete Pressure adsorption ,Decompression desorption process,complete Separation of oxygen and nitrogen ,get the demanded purity oxygen.
    Main characteristic
    1. Use the man-machine interface,intelligentize control,operation easy,supply the qualified oxygen in short time.
    2. High efficiency fill in ZMS,tighter,solid,longer usage life
    3. Use Siemens , OMRON PLC control and Germany BURKERT pneumatic valve to change system automatically,working stable.
    4. Pressure,purity,flow can adjustable,to satisfied customers’ requirements.
    5. Whole sealing design,Structural tension ,beautiful appearance,save floor area
    Technical data Application fields
    Purity:90%±3 Widely used in non-ferrous metal Capacity:1-1000Nm3/h metallurgy,chemical industry,
    Pressure:0.1-0.6Mpa cement produce,pulp,
    Dew point:≤40℃ paper making,glass stoves
    Waste water/gas treatment
    Application scope
    1. Medical.The generator can be set up to fill the hospital pipeline directly and use the filling ramp as a backup system. Oxygen cylinders can be filled simultaneously or during hours with low consumption.
    2.  Metallurgy: For anneal protection, agglomeration protection, nitrogenizing, furnace washing and blowing, etc. Used in fields such as metal heating treatment, powder metallurgy, magnetic material, copper process, metallic mesh, galvanized wire, semiconductor, etc.
    3. Chemical and new material industries: For chemical material gas, pipeline blowing, gas replacement, gas protection, product transport, etc. Used in fields such as chemical, urethane elastic fiber, rubber, plastic, tyre, polyurethane, biological technology, intermediate, etc.
    4. Electronic industry: For encapsulation, agglomeration, anneal, deoxidization, storage of electronic products. Used in fields such as peak welding, circumfluence welding, crystal, piezoelectricity, electronic porcelain, electronic copper tape, battery, electronic alloy material, etc.
    Main parts of nitrogen generator

    Project Type Quantity Remark
    PSA adsorption tower Professional design 2pieces/10kg Special pressure vessel manufacturer
    Carbon Molecular Sieve MSC-3KT-172 3500kg Takeda Japan
    Vortex airflow distributor Professional design 2 pieces Technical Carbotech from Germany
    Self complement compact device Professional design 2sets Jiangyin Tongyue
    single unit processing part / 1 set SMC-Japan
    Sample pressure reduce valve / 1 piece SMC-Japan
    Direct current 24V power / 1 set Taiwan-Mingwei

    Pneumatic valves
    Pneumatic valves

    DN100 5 pieces Burkert Germany Burkert Germany
    DN50 4 pieces
    DN20 1 pieces
    Magnetic valve 4V210-24V 10 pieces Taiwan Airtac
    Metal flow meter LZZ-50 1 piece Changzhou Shuanghuan
    Control system TPC7062K 1set (color touch screen )Kunlun Tongtai
    Muffler TY-500X 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue
    Pipe valve system bprofessional produce 1 set Jiangyin Tongyue

     Industrial Oxygen Concentrator Machine / Oxygen Psa Generator 3 - 400Nm3/H Capacity 0

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    Jiangsu Tongyue Gas System Co.,Ltd

    Contact Person: Ms.Vera

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